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EPowerlabs P10 AC Motor Controller, 48-75v, 300A, 10kW (Nominal)

EPowerlabs P10 AC Motor Controller, 48-75v, 300A, 10kW (Nominal)


EPowerlabs' P10 10kW continuous power motor controller 

Features & benefits:

  • Lightweight (0.5kg).
  • Compact form factor 108x80x30mm (0.26L).
  • 75V, 300Apk phase, 10kW (depending on cooling capabilities).
  • Current, Torque and Speed control.
  • BLDC sensor-less (trapezoidal) capability.
  • Absolute and incremental encoder and cos/sin position sensor.
  • UART, RS232 and CAN interface.
  • On-line and Off-line calibration via DeveLinkSTUDIO.
  • Possibility of liquid cooled heatsink.
  • Auxiliary interfaces for throttle and cadence sensor.
  • Customisable control algorithms for each application.
  • Integrated 25W 12V DC/DC converter, with 4x high side outputs.

Applications include: 

  • E-mobility.
  • Plant, Construction & agriculture.
  • Scooters, Karts, FLTs & other material handling.
  • Marine, riverboats.
  • Mild hybridisation.
  • Cleaning machines.
  • Hydraulic & pneumatic pump drives.
  • Lawncare.

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